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2015 Deloitte Central Europe Top 500

The 2015 edition of the Deloitte CE Top 500 report ranks the largest companies from the 18 countries from Central Europe and Ukraine. In addition, it includes the opinions of some of the region's most prominent business leaders, with a focus on sustainability and sustainable growth.

Key insights

The results of the 2014 ranking of the 500 largest companies in Central Europe illustrate a slightly improving overall situation in the region. Except for the unstable geopolitical situation in the Ukraine, the largest CE companies show signs of economic recovery.

In the CE Top 500 ranking there were more companies that recorded growth than those showing a decline in revenues. In this edition, for the first time in four years, there has been an increase in the number of companies in this ranking seeing revenue growth (52% vs. 49.8% in 2013).

The revenue level of the largest companies in the region was stable. The average revenue increased by 0.3%, as compared to a 0.0% average change in 2013. However, the total revenues of all the companies in the ranking went down by 1.8% (vs. a decline of 0.4% last year) to EUR 682 billion.

Additionally, available financial results from Q1 2015 suggest economic recovery, with a 1.7% total increase by in EUR and 3.6% in local currencies, which shows the negative influence of the foreign exchange market.

Deloitte CE Top 500

Key insights

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