Audit advisory

As current market trend is shifting beyond traditional audit, it is Deloitte’s goal to be “advisor of the choice” in the marketplace. Deloitte can benefit from its auditors unique and vast experience, perspective and knowledge, and in line with the strategy “As one”, working closely with Business Advisory, Tax and Corporate Finance is essential. This will also ensure that the skills of the audit professionals are being used in areas where it makes the most sense and can add the most value in solving the issues faced by clients. The expertise of our employees and the quality of our methods on the one hand; our global reach, value-added services and a demonstrated consistency in exceeding our client’s expectations on the other hand are keys to our success.

Finance transformation and integration

  1. Diagnostic tool. Assess current state of finance in each of the key areas of people, processes and systems and understand business view of finance. Capability assessment by analyzing value drivers and enablers.
  2. Quick wins. Assess current status of finance department and its shortcomings. Prioritize improvement initiatives to deliver quick wins and build for an improved future.
  3. Fast close. Decrease the time required for preparation of financial statements and/or reporting package. We analyze current process, identify weaknesses and improvement areas, and propose recommendations.
  4. Staff loan. Provide client with our staff as a temporary replacement or for specific task
  5. Controlling and management reporting. Provide clients with efficient solutions in relation to controlling (budgeting, forecasts, etc)
  6. Working capital optimization. Assess working capital performance, process and capabilities. Define future plans, identify risks and opportunities and make recommendations.
  7. Treasury. Design and implementation of tailored cash controls to address key issues essential to stabilise cash and allow businesses to manage key stakeholders effectively. Improve control over cash. Highlight areas / initiatives to improve cash performance. Identify key cash risks.
  8. Business processes and internal controls improvement. Creation and/or improvement of internal controls when there is a lack of appropriate level of internal controls which may result in errors and/or fraud. We analyze the process (process as as) and based on best practice in the industry we improve the process where needed (process to be). We identify weaknesses and material deficiencies and suggest recommendations. Key controls are defined, implemented and tested.
  9. Financial due diligence. Financial due diligence of targets offers solutions to the mitigation of investors’ risks since the company’s actual financial position determines the future growth potential of investments. Due diligence procedures reveal the company’s strengths, as well as financial and operational weaknesses, and help identify hidden exposures.

Contract risk and compliance

  1. Supply chain risk. Analysis and inspections to help recover value and enable enhanced future performance.
  2. Bank covenants. Preparation of assurance reports to banks confirming that client fulfills minimum requirement related to defined financial rations. Developing a model for the calculation.
  3. Report on guaranteed investment and/or spending. Preparation of assurance reports to seller/grant provider that the client had invested minimum required amount, or that the grant provided has been spent as agreed.

IFRS advisory services

  1. Training – Courses of any kind of accounting training such as IFRS, preparation of financial statements, cash flow.
  2. Accounting policies review and/or preparation. Applicable when the client lacks accounting policies or plans to change the policies in order to align them with IFRS. Also applicable to clients who need to review / extend their policies and improve their quality.
  3. Chart of accounts optimization. Preparation of chart of accounts. Unification and mapping of CoA for consolidation purposes for Groups that operate in different countries.