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Role of blockchain in the energy and resources industry

The blockchain revolution has gone beyond the financial services industry and is evolving as the next game changer for many businesses across many sectors. Is blockchain ready for prime time in the energy and resources industry? Is it a hype—or a genuine agent of change? Deloitte brings you insights into how blockchain could impact the energy and resources industry.

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An integrated approach to combat cyber risk

Securing industrial operations in oil and gas

Critical infrastructure relies on industrial control systems (ICS) to maintain safe and reliable operations. Making operational processes secure, vigilant, and resilient is a challenge and requires oil and gas companies to harmonize and align two cultures, engineering, and IT.

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Digital transformation in oil and gas

From bytes to barrels

Industries are embracing technology to reshape their operating landscape and reap the benefits of improved productivity, higher efficiency, and increased cost savings. The oil and gas industry is not a stranger to this and is progressing towards digital maturity. What may be the potential roadblocks and how can these be overcome? A strategic roadmap could help oil and gas companies to assess every operation and identify digital leaps for achieving specific business objectives.

This paper describes Deloitte’s Digital Operations Transformation (DOT) model—a framework that explains the digital journey of 10 milestones, where the leap from one milestone to another marks the achievement of specific business objectives, and puts cybersecurity and digital traits at the core.

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