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Tech Trends 2017 and the power industry

Disrupting the utility

Digital has profoundly disrupted businesses over the years and utilities are no exception to this. But, the question is, which technologies really have the potential for utilities to yield a competitive advantage?

Right from virtualization to machine intelligence, blockchain, and dark analytics, this report analyzes the trends that could disrupt utilities in the next 18-24 months. While experimenting with new trends is a high-stakes endeavor, there’s no sitting on the sidelines when it comes to some of these trends.

Cutting through the hyperbole to identify those most critical and disruptive innovations is particularly important for utilities. To realize that potential, utilities should become a “kinetic enterprise” where the only constant is change.

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European Power & Utilities Newsletter

Taking a closer look at the European power and utilities market

Quarterly updates on the market trends and performance of the European power and utilities sector.

Our quarterly newsletter provides an update on movements in the commodities market and key business and economic trends impacting the sector. We also take a closer look at any regulatory changes which may have taken place over the quarter and finally we look at performance highlights of the major European power and utilities companies.

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