Humanitarian Innovation Program

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In moments of humanitarian crisis the Deloitte network believes that business has an important role to play to support humanitarian organizations in their response and to help protect, maintain and rebuild our communities and society.

Be prepared for new ways of thinking. Be prepared for new degrees of collaboration and innovation. Be prepared for positive change.

About the Deloitte Humanitarian Innovation Program

Through the Deloitte Humanitarian Innovation Program, the professionals of Deloitte member firms and humanitarian organizations co-create and implement solutions to the sector's most pressing challenges. By collaborating with local, national, and international humanitarian leaders – combining diverse skills and expertise – we enhance the ability of the sector to prepare for, and respond to, crises.

Applications for the 2014 Program are now closed.

Case study examples:

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Participants selected in 2014

Supply chain and logistics framework and management plans for archipelago island groups

In 2014, Deloitte New Zealand professionals are working with Oxfam New Zealand to help shape a supply chain/logistics framework and management plans for disaster support and relief in the Pacific region. The key question is “What’s the best way for Oxfam New Zealand to get vital water and emergency health kit supplies to a Pacific country after a natural disaster?”   

Answering this question is critical. Cyclones are becoming more frequent and more intense in the Pacific and logistics are difficult due to isolated islands and vulnerable infrastructures. Currently humanitarian not-for-profit organizations working in the Pacific struggle to reach and support these communities in a timely and efficient way. A supply chain/ logistics framework and management plan will enable Oxfam New Zealand to reach affected communities with vital life-saving supplies quicker and will allow them to work with other humanitarian organizations more effectively. In a humanitarian crisis response: saving time means saving lives. 

Participants selected in 2013

In 2013, Deloitte selected AtrocityWatch and the International Organization for Migration (IOM) to work with on a pro-bono basis as part of the Deloitte Humanitarian Innovation Program.

At Deloitte, we are committed to shaping innovations which are at the heart of change and progress. The projects proposed by these two organizations were selected from a large number of applicants as outstanding examples of all that the Deloitte Humanitarian Innovation Program aims to achieve.

Deloitte professionals are working with AtrocityWatch to help shape the development of a mobile enabled solution which will use person driven data from around the world to provide early warning of potential mass atrocities.

To help the International Organization for Migration more efficiently respond to crises, professionals from Deloitte Switzerland  and IOM are working together to improve co-ordination of response on the ground and inter-agency information management.

Once these projects are complete, Deloitte will share the ideas and solutions developed so that the whole humanitarian sector can benefit from and scale them.

Watch the video below, where DTTL CEO, Barry Salzberg introduces the Deloitte Humanitarian Innovation Program.

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