Deloitte Myanmar Breakfast Talk Series

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At Deloitte we understand the impact change can have on you. We listen to the challenges your organization is facing. We speak your language and design solutions to address them. Listen to our Breakfast Talk series and gain an upper hand. Let us work together with you.

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Deloitte Myanmar Breakfast Talk Series

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Myanmar is at the center of change.

Tax reforms. Company Law updates. Financial reporting overhauls. Corporate governance measures. Investment regulation relaxation. Capital markets maturation. Consumer sophistication. Technology penetration. Just to name a few changes which Myanmar is experiencing at breakneck pace.

These changes can have a significant impact to you and your organization. Change can be uncomfortable, but your organization can gain a competitive advantage by being in the know with our Deloitte Myanmar Breakfast Talk Series.

The Deloitte Myanmar Breakfast Talk Series, targeted at upper management is designed to whet your appetite and perk your mornings up. Held monthly, these talks will offer you fresh perspectives on issues that matter to you; fill you up with relevant information on how these changes may impact you; and allow you to make informed decisions for the benefit of you and your organization.

Deloitte Myanmar Breakfast Talk Series