AI Tech Navigator

Get Ready for GenAI! 

The AI Navigator team has created a platform designed to acquire, curate, summarise, classify and generate insight from various data sets across a specific domain.

In the initial domain of ‘AI Technologies across enterprises’, users can navigate the complexities of AI adoption, making informed decisions, and maximise the value of AI investments. The conversation portion is trained on the domain of AI Technology and therefore would not be able to respond with more recent events that are not AI or Generative AI related.

What AI Navigator can do for you?

  • Detailed answers to any queries with reference to AI and Generative AI.
  • Help senior leaders respond to Request for Proposals (RFP).
  • We can help you with internal research on AI-related projects, events, and development.
  • Understand AI landscape, including subfields of AI (machine learning, deep learning), AI applications, AI tools, and platforms.

You are now able to:

  • Access AI Tech Navigator: The product is available on our website at
  • Explore the Features: Dive into the functionalities of AI Tech Navigator and discover how it can augment advisory workflows with enhanced decision making, improved productivity and personalize experiences.
  • Get Started with Ease: We've created comprehensive resources, including a get started kit and support channel, to ensure a smooth onboarding experience. Please view the quick demo video shared in this email to know the benefits of AI Tech Navigator.
  • Explore the world of AI, Gen AI and Deloitte Gen AI Use Cases: We’ve collated the latest AI and related products, Generative AI LLMs and Tools as well as Gen AI Use Cases Deloitte has delivered to clients.

In the coming weeks, we'll be unveiling even more about AI Tech Navigator. Keep an eye out for:

  • Collaborative workspaces where multiple persons can work and research specific topics.
  • Multi modal mix-and-match ability with text, code, images, and data tables lets AI Navigator understand your needs better and deliver informative or creative outputs in various formats.
  • Queries on the wheel of fortune will be coming in the next release!

Launch webinars: Join us for live demonstrations and Q&A sessions with our product experts.

In the meantime, please login, explore and send feedback to the team at

The AI Tech Navigator is built on the AI Navigator platform and can be refactored to different domains and industries to suit client needs.