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Risk Advisory Platform of Services

Developing your organisation’s governance for competitive advantage

Myanmar has become increasingly attractive to investors after opening up to the world following a series of economic, political and social transformations. The context calls for progressive actions to incorporate global best practices to drive national productivity as well as competitive and equitable growth.

There has never been more focus on how organisations in Myanmar identify and manage risks. The business community
is under pressure to be able to clearly articulate:
• How they govern their business
• How they ensure a strategy alignment within their risk appetite

Deloitte Risk Advisory develops solutions combining our international capabilities and local market knowledge.
With our Risk Advisory 360° Governance Framework, we help organisations to manage risk, create and protect value, as well as meet stakeholders need.

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The Deloitte Risk Advisory platform of services can help you to...

  • govern your strategic plan to guide your operations
  • measure the benefits of your engagements
  • control your financing plan and sources of revenue
  • bring innovative solutions to overcome challenges
  • articulate your contribution to the future generations
  • develop actionable and measurable plans 
  • protect your data and network
  • empower your governance structure 
  • preserve trust and reputation
  • monitor compliance with policies and regulations
  • convince investors to be part of your projects
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