IT & Cyber Platform of Services

Managing IT and Cyber risk to create value

Understanding your requirements
Assessing security maturities against capabilities

Deloitte’s framework is the result of a comprehensive research and amalgamation of NSIT, SANS and ISO 27001, making it the best security assessment against capabilities.

Our approach is to design a target state by assessing the vulnerability of business towards a catalogue of IT threats. Using this framework, a maturity dashboard will be created to portray the organisation’s maturity scores, by threat, including:

Ensuring that the necessary structures and rules are in place to maintain and enhance prevention and detection.

Proactive protection against successful cyber attacks before they occur by developing, implementing and enhancing security systems.

Ability to discover internal and external threats by leveraging threat intelligence, and proactively mitigating threats, or minimising any adverse impacts to the organisation.

It is not a question of whether your organisation will be attacked or not; it is a question of when: the key is to be prepared.

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IT & Cyber Platform of Services

The Deloitte IT and Cyber Platform of Services can help you to…

  • identify insider threats
  • develop actionable and measurable plans to enhance IT Security
  • implement data-related best practices
  • identify and prevent reoccurrence of breach
  • protect your corporate and sensitive customer data
  • build the necessary trust, reputation and confidence
  • design your system to be protected from attacks, damage or unauthorised access