Risk Advisory Services for Not-for-Profit Organisations

Creating value across borders

NPOs are facing numerous critical challenges in responding to the growing expectations of the Government, Donors, Volunteers, Employees and Beneficiaries. The current environment is characterised as increasing competition for funding and rapidly expanding needs to deliver services to the community.

In order to help NPOs to deliver value for people and Donors, as well as respond to challenging and complex objectives, Deloitte Risk Advisory develops solutions combining our international capabilities. With our NPO 360° Risk Governance Framework, we help organisations to manage risk to create and protect value.

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The NPO 360° Governance Framework

The Risk Advisory Platform of Services can help NPOs to...

  • govern strategic plan to guide operations
  • communicate transparency
  • measure the benefits of engagements
  • control the financing plan
  • deploy innovative solutions to overcome challenges
  • articulate the contribution to the community
  • protect data and network
  • empower the governance structure
  • preserve trust and reputation
  • monitor compliance with policies and regulations
  • support Donor development