Sustainability Risk Management

Driving responsible growth

Growing demands from stakeholders for more information, evolving regulation and the influence of long-term trends mean all organisations should focus on managing their financial, social and environmental risks for business sustainability.

Incorporating Sustainability into the business vision and goals allows for a more inclusive method of identifying long-term risks and opportunities, and for businesses to realize those goals.

Businesses that view sustainability and resource efficiency as a part of doing business have realised the value that it brings to their corporate objectives related to revenue, brand equity, operations, risk management, and corporate social responsibility.

We assist organisations to build sustainability principles into their business by:

  • Establishing a sustainability vision, strategy and goals;
  • Designing systematic sustainability initiatives which are clearly linked to overall business strategy;
  • Establishing a framework to help with identification and management of risks and opportunities; and
  • Setting up systems for measuring, valuing and tracking of performance targets.
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Deloitte’s Platform of Sustainability Services can help you to…

  • Meet evolving stakeholders’ expectations
  • Identify priority focus goals
  • Measure health, social and natural impact of an organisation’s activities
  • Present your risks and opportunities
  • Inspire solutions to overcome organisation’s challenges
  • Develop actionable and measurable plans
  • Protect your activities
  • Build the necessary trust, reputation and confidence
  • Stay ahead of best practices and regulations
  • Align priorities for cumulative impact