Rui Figueiredo

Senior Manager Risk Advisory

Rui Figueiredo

Strand Square Office Complex

No.(53), Level (4), #Unit 411, 412, 415,

Pabedan Township

Yangon, Myanmar


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Rui is currently in charge of Risk Advisory services in Myanmar to assist Deloitte Southeast Asia (SEA), as well as Not-for-Profit and Donor Organisations Leader. He joined Deloitte from Switzerland with experience in Governance Consulting, Internal Audit and Project Management with excellent results.

He has a multidisciplinary knowledge of various international organisations. Delivering monitoring to protect and strengthen every aspect of operations from people to performance, systems to strategy and business plans to business resilience. He has been involved in a great deal of fieldworks in various continents, reviews and implementation of Management functions, implementation of Internal Control Systems based on a Risk approach, Forensic investigations and preventions, Project management reviews, and teams management.

Rui is an open-minded person who likes cross disciplinary challenging positions requesting creative ideas, which allow him to seek pioneering possibilities and to test new approaches. He has 4 university degrees ; BSc in Engineering, MsBA in Services Management, DAS in Risk Management, and CAS in Internal Audit.

He speaks 4 languages: English, French, Portuguese and Spanish fluently. He is now learning Burmese.