Deloitte Onch launches “CFO Program” in Mongolia

Deloitte Onch launches “CFO Program” in Mongolia


Ulaanbaatar, 11 April 2014  – Deloitte Onch announces the launch of its Chief Financial Officer Program (“CFO Program”) today, a first of its kind program by a professional services firm in Mongolia.

The CFO program is a CFO-centric strategic initiative that brings together a multidisciplinary team of senior Deloitte member firm partners and experienced professionals to help CFOs effectively address the different challenges and demands they experience in their role. It helps CFOs stay ahead in the face of growing challenges and demands. The Program harnesses our organization’s broad capabilities to deliver forward thinking and fresh insights for every stage of a CFO’s career – helping CFOs manage the complexities of their roles, tackle their organization’s most compelling challenges and adapt to strategic shifts in the market.

Globally the CFO Program was first launched in 2008 and has been implemented in more than thirty countries. The first of a series of offerings in Mongolia, a “CFO roundtable”, is to be held today.

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