Deloitte Onch managing partner gives speech at Young Leaders Program

Deloitte Mongolia managing partner Ms. Onchinsuren has given a speech to Young Leaders Program participants on 27th March, 2015. The speech was the 5th session of Distinguished Speakers program for young leaders of Mongolia organized by Mongolian Association of State Alumni. More than 200 hundred young professionals and students attended the event which was held at Diamond hall of Blue Sky Tower. 

The topic was “Developing Leaders at Deloitte” and Onchinsuren spoke candidly about her experience in leadership development both as a leader in Deloitte and an individual. She spoke about the Deloitte purpose initiative and why Deloitte is considered to be one of the best organizations to work for. She also shared about the “7+1”habits that had led her to become one of the top leaders in Mongolian professional services market and how these habits formed. Also Onchinsuren emphasized the need to create opportunities for young talents in Mongolia. The speech was received very well and some of her words such as “Mongolian youth has the skill to catch the proverbial fish and the tools to catch that fish as well. What we, the leaders, have to provide is the access to the sea with fish”, were quoted later numerous times by the participants. After the speech there was a Q&A session where the attendees asked questions and received answers about the speech, about Deloitte, and more. The participants pointed out the speech touched on subjects that were very important for them as young professionals and thanked Onchinsuren during the Q&A session. 

The speech was a great success and effectively promoted Deloitte purpose and talent development programs. The full video of the speech can be watched here.


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