Ulaanbaatar City and Deloitte Onch join forces

The Ulaanbaatar City and Deloitte Onch signed a partnership agreement to work closer on strategic finance, infrastructure, information technology projects and undertake joint initiatives to effectively contribute towards Ulaanbaatar’s development.

Ulaanbaatar, 15 April 2015. Ulaanbaatar City officials met with the representatives from Deloitte Mongolia and Deloitte Japan during the Ulaanbaatar forum held in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. Ulaanbaatar City and Deloitte Onch LLC signed a Memorandum of Understanding between the two institutions during this event. The agreement provides a solid basis for strengthened cooperation and coordination of mutual efforts promoting Ulaanbaatar’s social and economic development. This commitment will help Ulaanbaatar and Deloitte to work together towards achieving the goals set out in the “Ulaanbaatar City Development 2030” plan. Ulaanbaatar City and Deloitte agree to regularly exchange relevant information, jointly execute strategic projects and initiatives, support events, as well as organize study visits and exchange of experiences among officials and experts of Ulaanbaatar. Deloitte will be a key partner in several finance, infrastructure, and information technology projects.

“As a part of the Ulaanbaatar business community, Deloitte Onch is proud to contribute with specific projects and initiatives, contributing with our expertise and added value to the benefit of the development of Ulaanbaatar.  Deloitte is the largest global professional services network with member firms in over 150 countries and over 210 thousand professionals. Deloitte has extensive experience in helping national and municipal governments with various projects. Deloitte is looking forward to working closely with Ulaanbaatar City”, said Deloitte Onch Managing Partner Mrs. Onchinsuren.

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