Tax Consulting Services

Deloitte provides a wide range of tax consulting services in Mongolia through specialists that have in-depth knowledge of the local tax and business environment. Being part of the Deloitte’s worldwide network of tax professionals, the combination of local and global tax practices expands the array of services available to global clients enabling them to comply with local tax requirements while minimizing their overall global tax exposures.

One client service team: global yet local service

In today’s world of dynamic change, our closely linked teams of industry and tax service specialists monitor key tax and business issues around the globe to provide knowledge to clients wherever they do business.  This approach is essential to our “global yet local” service. We believe we have the expertise in all the areas required  in the marketplace including : Tax compliance, Local Tax Consulting, International Tax Consulting, Transfer Pricing, Customs and Duties, Business Process Outsourcing, Grants and Incentives, and Expatriate Tax Services.

Deloitte has structured our tax practice to serve multinational businesses, and we operate as one client service team throughout the world.  Deloitte works to understand our client’s needs, expectations, businesses and industries.  If your business takes you to Mongolia, you can be sure that your tax advisor is here with you every step of the way.  With our worldwide network of tax professionals, Deloitte keeps you current on the latest changes that will impact you business’ tax strategy. That way, you can focus on your business and new marketplace while we take care of your tax requirements. 

Deloitte Onch tax consulting practice

Deloitte Onch’s Local Tax Consulting Practice is delivered through Deloitte Onch Tax Services TMZ LLC.  We are certified under the Law on Certified Tax Consulting Services to provide accounting and tax compliance services.  Ms. Onchinsuren D., Deloitte Onch Tax Leader and Country Managing Partner, leads our tax consulting practice. 


Our tax expertise is recognized by our clients and by the national tax authority.  Onchinsuren has conducted a tax seminar for senior tax inspectors of the Mongolian Tax Authority under the sponsorship of the Business Council of Mongolia.  Onchinsuren is also a member of the Tax Working Group which is developing implementation guidelines for tax laws for the Mongolian Tax Authority under the technical guidance of the IMF.

Strategic tax guidance

Deloitte helps clients in structuring business transactions so that they maximize after-tax profit. Our tax professionals, specialized in different industries, will analyze your business activities, recommend alternatives consistent with business requirements and applicable laws, and they will assist you in the implementation in order to reach optimal results. In cross-border transactions, Deloitte in Mongolia will cover domestic tax aspects and our colleagues in other tax jurisdictions will cover international tax aspects related to your business and transactions.

International tax structuring

Our tax professionals can help you develop and implement global tax strategies to help maximize your growth and optimize you taxes, wherever your business is located.   Drawing on the global resources through our international tax network, Deloitte Mongolia can: 

  • Develop an overall tax strategy that takes into account your needs and expectations.
  • Advise on the most efficient tax structure for your investments in Mongolia from a group perspective, focusing on both domestic and cross-border implications.
  • Assist in the repatriation of profits abroad,
  • Develop tax efficient alternatives for financing investments in Mongolia
  • Advise on a full range of transactions wherein bilateral tax conventions and international tax planning can be employed to good advantage.
  • Scrutinize from a tax perspective the transactions connected to pre and post-acquisition deals, mergers, de-mergers, dissolutions, transfer of businesses and real estate, including tax due diligences.
  • Advise on tax-efficient holding company locations, cross-border transactions, intellectual property and intangible assets, and cost allocations.

Tax dispute and controversy services

  • Deloitte Onch Tax Services provides tax consulting services to the largest copper and gold mining complex in Mongolia.  As consultant, Deloitte assists the client in relation to tax cases filed before the Mongolian Administrative Court.  Prohibited by its independence and conflict of interest rules from representing the client before any tax forum or from attending court hearings, Deloitte assists the client analyze defense arguments; anticipate  tax law interpretation and court judgment; and assists in preparing and rehearsing case presentations.
  • Deloitte is assisting a coking coal mining and exporting company in south Gobi respond to allegations by a government commission of large-scale tax evasion and violations of tax laws. Deloitte has helped the company overturn most of the allegations of the experts hired by the commission.  The case has been remanded back to the commission for lack of sufficient basis to proceed with the litigation.

Tax due diligence

Deloitte Mongolia has performed tax due diligence for acquisitions into the banking and mining sectors.

Deloitte Mongolia has recently assisted Deloitte Beijing in conducting tax due diligence of a HK listed mining group to understand the target’s Mongolian tax status and to identify material tax exposures and risks. The tax team was asked to identify material noncompliance to tax rules and regulations, tax fines and penalties of any noncompliance, and the challenges on the client of changes in tax regime such as rules on the imposition and calculation of mineral royalty fees and surtaxes