Nuno Cordeiro Associated Partner of Deloitte Portugal

worked in Mongolia to meet leading financial service companies.

Along with Deloitte Onch's effort to develop financial consulting services, we regularly invite experienced professionals from Deloitte global to introduce global practice to our local clients and to establish newly collaboration.

As part of our invites, Mr. Nuno Cordeiro, a consulting services associate partner at Deloitte Portugal had been worked in Mongolia Sep 16 until 19, 2014. 

The main purpose of his visit was to conduct the meetings with leading banks and insurance companies of Mongolia to discuss the business opportunities, determine their needs and challenges to provide appropriate aid.  

Deloitte Portugal has over 2000 employees. The financial services industry (FSI) consulting section employs 300 people and is ranked 6th among Deloitte’s practices worldwide after US, UK Australia and Canada practices. 

Nuno Cordeiro is a technology consultant with more than 14 years’ experience and a deep knowledge of Insurance and retail banking, focused on delivering complex technology transformation programs within Financial Services organizations and specialized in Cross-technology architecture of large scale solutions (core Insurance solutions, custom application development, BPM platforms, CRM Solutions, Service Oriented Architecture and SOA Governance). 

Nuno Cordeiro and Consulting Director Norjinbat Shagdasuren’s meetings with leading financial service companies was very influential for both parties to make the next action to make future collaboration. 

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