Sage CRM

Sage is the leading global supplier of business management software and related products and services for small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs) Formed in 1981, the Sage Group is an innovative leader in CRM with over 15,000 organisations and 6.3 million users across the globe use Sage CRM every day to manage and maximise the performance of their business With customers located in over 70 countries worldwide, Sage CRM is fully supported in English, French, German, and Spanish, simplified Chinese. (Sage business partners have localised the product in several other languages) Sage CRM is a full suite CRM solution comprising sales, marketing and customer service automation – within these areas it offers deep functionality across a broad feature-set Unlike most CRM applications, Sage CRM integrates out-of-the-box with Sage ERP applications providing you with a 360 degree view across your business Sage CRM is easy-to-use with a choice of intuitive interfaces and on-screen coaching throughout to drive user adoption across your organisation Sage CRM is easy for users to customise to their own preferences, delivering a rich and personalised user experience Sage CRM boosts productivity by providing employees with an interactive dashboard from where they can manage all their daily tasks while delivering management with at-a-glance insight into overall business performance Sage CRM is fast to deploy – users can be up and running quickly increasing productivity, reducing administrative overhead and delivering rapid ROI Sage E-marketing for Sage CRM enables marketing users to communicate with prospects and existing customers in a compelling and timely manner using a bank of pre-designed quality templates Sage CRM is easy to customise – it provides extensive business process automation across the entire organisation and can be quickly adapted to capture new processes or modify existing ones Because it can be deployed quickly and easily by Sage-certified Business Partners, it offers a low TCO which is ideal for SMBs in the current economic climate Sage CRM is an award-winning solution and as has been listed by Gartner in the Magic Quadrant for Sales Force Automation since 2003.

Sage CRM Accelerate sales

Sage CRM provides sales teams with powerful tools and quick access to the information they need to manage and progress leads and opportunities. It is helping thousands of small and medium sized businesses across the globe automate their sales process. And Sage CRM gives you and your sales team detailed account and pipeline information so you can close deals faster.

·         Sage CRM provides:


·         Real-time information about customers, including LinkedIn integration, so you can prepare for important sales meetings.

·         Powerful out of the box sales reports that you can use to make more informed business decisions.

·         Accurate forecasts and opportunity management so you can see what stage sales deals are at in your pipeline.

·         Sales opportunity tracking for progressing leads, converting them to opportunities and allocating them to the right reps or teams.

·         Sales dashboards for sales executives and managers who need visibility on sales performance in real-time.

SAGE CRM Targeted marketing

·         Powerful e-marketing capabilities

·         Automatic campaign results tracking

·         Open, click and bounce-rate tracking

·         Over 90 attention-grabbing templates out-of-the-box

·         Integrated telesales follow-up

·         Campaign cloning

·         Document store and share

·         In-call data modification

·         Customer profiling and analysis

·         Rapid lead to opportunity

·         Management

SAGE CRM Deliver exceptional Customer Services Professional

·         Case Management

·         Escalation and notification alerts

·         Knowledge base

·         Workflow approval process

·         Detailed analysis on call volumes and case resolution

·         Traffic light monitoring

·         Web self-service

·         Staff performance monitoring

·         Bespoke company dashboard to provide

·                 Tighter account management

SAGE SAGE CRM goes where you go

Mobile working is changing the face of modern business.

Are you ready?

According to Gartner, by 2016 two-thirds of the workforce will own a smartphone, and 40 percent of the workforce will be mobile. Change is a challenge for every business but with mobile CRM, you can work from anywhere, today.

Because Sage CRM is just as powerful on your tablet or mobile as it is on your desktop, it's the perfect solution for modern businesses. With mobile CRM you can:

Make important business decisions based on real-time reports

Access critical customer data on the road or at customer sites

Accomplish more on any device, regardless of your location


SAGE Email marketing

·         Email marketing is one of the most effective marketing tools modern businesses have at their disposal. 

·         With minimal resources, small and medium sized companies can send personal, relevant emails to members of their mailing lists.

·         Email is a powerful marketing tool because

·         It's budget friendly

·         It's more personal than a sales page or social media campaign

·         It's immediate and dynamic

·         They gather information from online conversations, share this information internally and act on it. Then, they develop better relationships with customers and turn leads into sales.

·         Whichever situation you are in, social CRM can help your business adapt, grow, and generate a quicker return on investment


By joining Sage CRM and Sage ERP, your company can:

·         Improve interdepartmental communications by enabling different departments to collaborate.

·         Reduce duplication of data and of work by giving employees a means of updating a single, central database.

·         Make more informed business decisions by providing managers a better view of your business and of customers.

·         Become more customer focused by making key information available across departments.

·         Drive profitability with more productive employees and efficient business processes.