Eco-Friendly Retail Investment Grant

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06 July 2021

Malta Enterprise has launched the incentive guidelines in relation to a grant that is intended to support retail outlets and other undertakings in the retail value chain to invest in:

(i) in-store solutions that allow for the sale of items through reusable containers; and

(ii) related investments in order to implement and facilitate these solutions.

Eligible undertakings are those undertakings engaged in the wholesale or retail of groceries, detergents, toiletries and other goods that may be sold in bulk to the final consumer.

Eligible expenditure consists of:

  • Dispensing equipment – being manually operated or automatic dispensing solutions that will allow end customers to purchase items in bulk in re-usable containers;
  • Rent of retail space – being costs for renting from a third party the space hosting the dispensing solution, for a period not exceeding one year;
  • Reusable containers – being the provision of reusable containers to customers linked to a return to base scheme to be prepared for reuse or when such containers are specific to a dispensing machine;
  • Reusable container, collection points, cleaning and sanitisation facilities – being costs of equipment for collection, cleaning and sanitisation of reusable containers in accordance with established protocols;
  • Procurement and development of software systems – being costs to implement a reward scheme to encourage customers to bring back the original containers for reuse; funding for this cost shall not exceed 10% of total funding.

Eligible undertakings shall be entitled to receive a cash grant to support an eligible investment to cover 50% of the eligible expenditure capped at a maximum grant of €20,000 per project.

In order to benefit from this grant, eligible undertakings are required to submit their applications by 30 November 2021.

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