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27 January 2024

Support for initial investment projects

Malta Enterprise has relaunched the Invest Scheme (hereinafter, the ‘Scheme’) intended to facilitate initial investments relating to one of following:

i. Setting up of a new establishment;

ii. Extension of the capacity of an existing establishment;

iii. Diversification of existing business;

iv. Fundamental change in processes; or

v. Acquisition of assets of an establishment that would have closed down.

Under this Scheme, eligible undertakings may be supported through loan guarantees, interest rate subsidies, cash grants and tax credits, in order to undertake initial investment projects resulting in a qualifying economic activity. Small and medium-sized enterprises (hereinafter ‘SMEs’) may receive support for any form of initial investment project, whereas large enterprises may only be supported for an initial investment that creates a new economic activity in the area concerned.

Support may only be awarded in respect of eligible investment projects commencing on or after 1 January 2024 and by 31 December 2027, as long as the aid is approved during the validity period of the Scheme which expires on 31 December 2026. Eligible investment projects with a Start of Works date prior to submission of application may only be awarded aid in the form of tax credits. Applications for tax credits for which the aid shall be calculated on assets procured may be submitted within 12 months from start of works. All other requests, that is for loan guarantees, interest rate subsidies and cash rants should be submitted prior to start of works.

The maximum support for a given investment project shall not exceed the following aid intensities calculated as a percentage of eligible project expenditure:


Size of applicant (Activity)
Project in assisted area*
Project in Gozo and Comino
Project in other areas
Small undertaking excluding hospitality sector




Medium-sized undertaking excluding hospitality sector




Large undertaking



Not elegible for support

SMEs in hospitality sector




*As listed in Annex A of Scheme Incentive Guidelines

Eligible project expenditure consists of the acquisition of qualifying tangible and intangible assets required for the implementation of an eligible initial investment project, or the wage costs arising from job creation as a result of an initial investment project.


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