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25 January, 2017

It has been noted that vacancy calls were published in local media, including the press, by anonymous sources, alleging to be Deloitte. The intention was to deliberately mislead the public into believing the vacancy call came from Deloitte by citing Deloitte’s legitimate office address but requesting responses to be sent to a fraudulent domain “” which has no connections with Deloitte.

Deloitte hereby informs their esteemed clients and the public at large that the necessary legal interventions have been performed and that the fraudulent domain has been duly seized and disabled. More is being done as the matter continues to be investigated and monitored.
Deloitte would like to take this as an opportunity to invite individuals who identify any suspicious communications to address/report them directly to placing the report to the attention of the “The Information & Cyber Security Organisation”.
Deloitte regrets any inconvenience and confusion this may have caused to our esteemed clients, business partners, and the general public but firmly denotes this was an unforeseeable event beyond Deloitte’s reasonable control and as such Deloitte holds no liability or responsibility whatsoever.

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