The Social Progress Index

Partnering to measure what really matters

Measuring what matters to countries, regions and communities, for government, business and society

The Index

The complexities of the 21st century require new measures of progress.

Developed in 2013, Social Progress Imperative teamed with leading experts across sectors to develop the Social Progress Index

The 2015 Social Progress Index ranks 133 countries, covering over 94% of the world's population. It examines 52 key social and environmental indicators captured under 12 components across 3 dimensions of social progress:

  • Basic human needs (such as water, nutrition, and shelter)
  • Foundations of wellbeing (such as health, sustainability, and access to communications)
  • Opportunity (such as political freedoms, tolerance, and access to higher education)

By highlighting the most pressing issues that prevent progress, the Social Progress Index acts as a practical guide for directing resources toward issues that can unlock this growth. For business, it is a necessary tool in the 21st century— guiding investment, informing social responsibility strategies, and better understanding the impact and purpose of business in society beyond profit.

It is a focal point for convening and platform building – bringing together the right players from different sectors to identify innovative solutions.

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