Notice by EGBA on responsible gaming

02 April 2020

The European Gambling Associations have issued guidance on safer online gambling and responsible advertising during this particularly concerning time for players.

Online gambling companies should act socially responsible and ensure that those European citizens who choose to gamble online can continue to do so in a safe and secure environment.

In light of this, the European Gambling Associations strongly oppose any sort of reference to COVID-19 in some recent advertising and urge all online gambling companies to ensure that their advertising and websites:

  • Do not refer to COVID-19, World Health Organisation COVID-19 related statements and/or any other COVID-19 developments;
  • Do not portray gambling as a solution to social, personal or financial problems or invite customers to gamble online as a solution to boredom;
  • Contain signposted information about minimum age restriction, national problem gambling helplines and national self-exclusion registers;
  • Customers are closely monitored for problematic gambling behaviour, in compliance with GDPR provisions, and step up interventions when appropriate;
  • Websites contain robust and rigorously enforced KYC measures to verify the identity of new customers and prevent minors from gambling;
  • Websites contain responsible gambling tools – such as deposit limits and self-exclusion tools – which are actively promoted and visible.

The Malta Gaming Authority has also issued guidance to locally licensed operators on socially responsible commercial communications with regards to COVID-19.

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