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Seven tips for acing an interview

Did you get a call that you were short-listed to sit in for an interview at Deloitte? Here are some tips on how to make an impression during your first interview.

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Tip #1: Show us you’re a leader

At Deloitte, we aspire to recruit individuals who show leadership skills at all levels, even the most junior. Give us concrete examples of what your leadership skills are like, in all areas of your life, be it in past work experiences, throughout your studies, or your hobbies.

Tip #2: Do your homework

Tell us what you like about Deloitte. Why do you want to work with us? How would you like to grow within Deloitte?

Tip #3: Tell us about yourself

Help us get to know you properly. At Deloitte we celebrate diversity and we believe our strength lies in our differences. We appreciate different perspectives and different problem-solving skills. So tell us: What makes you stand out? What differentiates you from others? What are your interests and hobbies?

Tip #4: Technical skills

Be prepared to answer some technical questions, depending on the role you applied for.

Tip #5: Work scenarios

Be prepared to speak about some real-life examples of previous work experiences, instances of teamwork, working under pressure and instances where you had to take additional responsibility. We want to understand what YOUR work ethic and experience is, rather than what the ‘ideal’ is.

Tip #6: Be honest and transparent

We want to meet and get to know the real you. Be open about your expectations, concerns, and feel free to ask any questions you may have.

Tip #7: Go the extra mile

Make sure to ask for each interviewer’s name and follow up with an email after the interview. One last tip: You can never be overdressed for an interview.


If you are reading through these tips and are making a mental note to prepare for your interview as above, you’re already on the right track. We look forward to meeting you.

Seven interview tips

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