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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) addresses how a firm manages its business processes to generate stakeholder value while having a positive impact on the community and minimising any adverse impact on the environment. Professional behaviour is driven by our firm’s vision, mission and values.

Deloitte (Malta) is contributing towards the community in a variety of ways. This includes sponsoring those staff that run the Malta Marathon for charity, organising Blood donation drives, sponsoring children in a home in India to name a few.

Impact Day also forms part of the Deloitte global Corporate Social Responsibility Programme and the Malta firm has been organising this annual event since 2005. The aim of Impact Day is for staff to give their time willingly to the local community and help someone in need. Over the years Deloitte has provided various forms of support ranging from painting to gardening and entertaining children as well as setting up a computer lab. Deloitte has helped Dar Sagra Familja, Eden Foundation, Ghabex Shelter and Dar Qalb ta' Gesu.

Since 2007, Deloitte Malta has partnered with companies like HSBC, Gasan and Farsons to celebrate Corporate Social Responsibility day and offer this assistance to those in need.

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