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Think you know how to attract, retain and develop female professionals in the future corporate world? If so, get a team together, make a plan, present and win!

  • The proportion of women at every level in corporate firms is unhealthily low and needs urgent action.
  • The Deloitte Malta "Leaders of tomorrow" challenge calls for proposals to address the attraction, retention and development of women for leadership within the professional services industry.
  • Top prizes of €750 per team member for top team and internships at Deloitte Malta for top two teams.

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The facts

Leadership today is dominated by men – 93% are heads of states and 95% are CEOs. A study conducted in 2018, reported that companies claim they are 1highly committed to gender diversity. However, this commitment has not translated into meaningful progress.

From a business perspective, research of Fortune 500 companies found that those with at least one female board member experienced significantly higher returns on equity (53%), better sales (42%), and a two-thirds greater ROI than those with all-male boards2.

Despite the aforementioned, the proportion of women at every level in corporate firms has hardly changed. Progress isn’t just slow, it has stalled.

The case for more women in professional services and the development of women as leaders of tomorrow needs to be more loudly heard. The mandate is clear. The time to act is now.

The time to act is now.

Leaders of tomorrow

Deloitte is committed to diversity and inclusion in the workplace and is always aware that more must be done to increase the numbers of women throughout its global network3. The need to attract, nurture and develop women as leaders of tomorrow is critical for the professional service industry as well as the world in general.

The Deloitte Malta “Leaders of tomorrow” challenge aims to identify issues that are hindering progress and will encourage innovation amongst younger members of society to provide strategic insights and practical thinking for designing ways forward to address the attraction, retention and development of women and their inclusion in leadership roles in the world of professional services.

The challenge

The "leaders of tomorrow" challenge asks participants to answer TWO of the three questions below:

  1. Attraction: What concrete actions could a firm like Deloitte undertake to make audit, tax and consulting careers more appealing to young women?
  2. Retention: What are the mechanisms that a professional services firm like Deloitte needs to put in place to ensure the retention of female professionals and ensure gender balance at all grades?
  3. Leadership: What are the essential requirements, for a professional services firm like Deloitte, to implement a sustainable and successful leadership programme for women?  

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The essential requirements for participation are as follows:

  • Teams: A maximum of four persons will be allowed per team with each team having one designated team leader.
  • Status: Team members must be students attending recognised educational establishments in Malta.
  • Age: Minimum age 16.
  • Project deliverable: The deliverable can be as text, presentation, video of 3-minutes long max., etc. as long as it address TWO of the three questions. Submission deadline is at midnight on 18 March 2019.
  • Winners: Four projects will be selected and the representing teams invited to make a presentation in fornt of a panel of judges at a final event on 28 March 2019, from which two winners will be selected and announced

Full details are provided in the terms & conditions.


  • A cash prize of €750 for each winning team member in top team.
  • Internships at Deloitte Malta for the top two teams.
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