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Customer Enagagement Solution

Cultivate profitable, lasting relationships

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Today’s consumers expect to shop at their convenience—anywhere, anytime, anyway. With every purchase, Internet search, and social media comment, customers provide valuable clues about what they need and how they want to buy. They expect—and deserve—a smooth shopping experience across all channels, wherever and whenever they choose to shop. The stakes are high: retailers who crack the code on understanding and responding to consumers can gain a competitive edge that helps drive down attrition, enhance loyalty, and increase sales.

The Customer Engagement Solution developed by Deloitte US, helps retailers head-off attrition and solidify relationships by tapping customer insights that can only come from understanding their entire shopping experience—in your stores, at home online, and now with mobile, everywhere in between. This analytics tool is designed to bring together your siloed data sets and combines them with demographics, psychographics, share of wallet data, and more.

If you want to gain new insights that help you understand your customers and grow sales, we should talk.

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Raphael Aloisio

Raphael Aloisio


Raphael has been in public practice for over 30 years and has been with Deloitte since 1987. After close to 20 years in audit, Raphael assumed responsibility for the firm’s financial advisory arm and ... More

Ivan Spiteri

Ivan Spiteri

Senior Manager

Ivan is a Senior Manager within the firm’s IT Risk Advisory Services with 22 years of experience in IT ranging from project management, cyber security and privacy assessments, IT risk assessments, inf... More