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Focusing on organisation learning and development

Learning today has become a business-critical priority for increasing skills, improving the leadership pipeline, and enhancing employee engagement.
Deloitte Consulting, through the Develop offering, assists organisations to assess the current learning environment and to build a corporate learning strategy that affects every employee in a significant way.

Through our Deloitte approach, we assist clients with the design and implementation of a training needs analysis. We then assist organisations in filling the training gaps through courses and workshops delivered by the Malta International Training Centre (MITC). MITC is a training provider officially licensed by the National Commission for Further and Higher Education.

We enable business performance through people performance. With our Develop offering you can:

  • Improve productivity and quality of work.
  • Reduce employee turnover and enhanced employee engagement.
  • Enhance employer branding.
  • Increase in interest by your teams to grow within the organisation.
  • Target areas of improvement within an organisation
  • Set a strategy to achieve business targets.

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