Performance Magazine - issue 31


Performance Magazine - issue 32

May 2020

Since we started work on this edition of Performance, the world has been plunged into a health and economic crisis, of which the growing scale and cost very few people have ever witnessed or could realistically have imagined. Overnight, industries had to rethink their modus operandi in its most granular set-up, not only from a technological but also a human perspective. Our asset management industry, whilst already fairly agile, has had its business contingency plans put to the test in the most dramatic way—but with no major consequences to note.

Today, more than ever, in this new normal of digitalization and innovation, Charles Darwin’s quote still rings true: “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, but rather that which is adaptable to change.” The new decade began with a daunting challenge but one that we will embrace and build on in the years to come. It is exactly in this spirit that we have devoted this edition to not just reflect on the last few months but to also look forward. In true Performance style, we will take you on a journey of exploration using buzzwords as our guide—environmental, social and governance principles, exchange-traded funds, the quest for alpha, global investment performance standards, cross-border distribution, sustainability and green bonds.

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In this issue

The 2020 investment management industry concussion

  • Lessons learnt from the COVID-19 crisis for the investment management industry

Advancing environmental, social, and governance investing

  • A holistic approach for investment management firms

New horizons for ETFS

  • Regulatory change opens doors for all exchange-traded funds including active nontransparent ETFs

Righting the ship

  • Transforming active equity in a competitive world

Managing investment costs and aligning interests 

  • An article written by Kim Bowater, Director of Consulting Frontier AdvisorsGlobal Investment Performance Standards (GIPS®) 2020

A new impetus for GIPS standardsArt & Wealth Management

  • Creating a personal and emotional connection with clients through passion-related wealth

53 pages for 45 Questions

  • Deloitte Luxembourg’s 2020 Cross-Border Fund Distribution Conference
    explored the future of the asset management industry and what
    opportunities the next decade will hold

Sustainability corner

  • EU Green Bonds according to the EU

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