Banking Regulatory Barometer 2016


Deloitte Banking Regulatory Barometer

How to get involved with Deloitte's review of the current regulatory environment in Malta

What is the Banking Regulatory Barometer?

The Deloitte Banking team is launching a review of the current regulatory environment and key trends that may influence the regulatory landscape in Malta.

The review will focus on commercial banks and regulators across Malta. Our main objectives are:

  • To evaluate the current regulatory environment;
  • To identify regulatory trends; and
  • To begin a dialogue on the challenges posed by upcoming regulations.

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How are we doing it?

Deloitte will be meeting with the senior management (C-suite/ExCo level with knowledge of regulation, risk, or compliance) of banks across Malta to understand regulatory impact on businesses, from a strategic level down to operational challenges. Questionnaires are also provided.

We will also meet regulators to understand their current and future regulatory focus.

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What are we covering?

Beyond understanding the broader regulatory environment, we will also cover challenges related to Supervisory Review and Evaluation Process (SREP), Stress Testing, Capital and Liquidity Management, Anti-Money Laundering (AML), how corporate governance is evolving, the impact of financial stability initiatives and to what level Anti-Money Laundering (AML) activities are evolving in Malta.

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When are we doing it?

We are aiming to release the report in early 2016, through a series of launch events; senior management from participating institutions will be invited.

The report will cover our key findings and analysis including how regulatory changes are likely to affect the growth of the market and how banks can prepare for them.

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Why get involved?

Malta has a thriving financial services industry that comes with a unique set of regulatory challenges. As the markets continue to grow, these regulations have the ability to shape the evolution of the financial services sector.

By taking part in this review, you will get an opportunity to:

  • Voice your opinion and influence regulatory developments;
  • Develop an understanding of regulatory trends to inform effective regulatory planning;
  • Compare performance against peers in Malta;
  • Gain insight into the best practices surrounding regulatory compliance and planning; and
  • Provide feedback on our Banking Regulatory Barometer to be incorporated into future versions.

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How to get involved?

Your involvement is crucial to the success of this review and we have kept the survey short and succinct: it only requires 30 minutes. We will also make every effort to work around your schedule and your needs.

In order to maintain the integrity of information and encourage participation the report will be anonymised unless otherwise authorised and Deloitte is willing to sign non-disclosure agreements as required. In addition, if there are any questions which you are not comfortable answering feel free to leave them blank.

Confidentiality is our top priority

The Deloitte team would like to assure you that all information collected through the survey is handled carefully and with utmost confidentiality. Additionally, any data collection carried out online will use the DeloitteDex™ survey tool, which is a secure web platform developed by Deloitte to ensure security and confidentiality of data collection and transmission.

No company-specific information is passed on to third parties and it is only accessed by a restricted number of designated Deloitte team members. All results are reported in aggregate ensuring that participants' anonymity is strictly maintained at all times.

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