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FS023: Investment service providers in Malta

The provision of investment services in or from Malta is regulated by the Investment Services Act, and the Investment Services Rules, which implement EC Council Directive 2004/39/EC (MiFID) and certain provisions of EC Council Directive 85/611/EC (‘UCITS’ Directive). We make the complex simple.

FS002: Reduced rate of tax applicable to "Qualifying Expatriates" employed in Malta with Financial Institutions and i-Gaming companies

Expatriates satisfying the definition of a qualifying beneficiary and holding an employment under a qualifying contract of employment with a licensed bank, insurance company, financial services company, or i-gaming company in an eligible office in Malta may opt to be subject to tax on such income at a flat rate of tax of 15% as from 1 January 2010. An attracting incentive.

FS021: Insurance captive companies in Malta

Malta provides the opportunity for companies to locate their captive insurance business and insurance management activities within an OECD-recognised tax environment that combines tax efficiency within a robust regulatory framework. Captive insurance companies enjoy exemptions from certain licensing and regulatory criteria as well as an expedited licensing procedure. Making the complex simple.

FS022: Credit and financial institutions

Malta’s Banking Act defines the business of banking as the business of a person who regularly “accepts deposits of money from the public withdrawable or repayable on demand or after a fixed period or after notice or who borrows or raises money from the public, in either case for the purpose of employing such money in whole or in part by lending to others or otherwise investing for the account and at the risk of the person accepting such money.” Making the complex simple.

FS024: Professional Investor Funds

A Professional Investor Fund (PIF) is a type of collective investment scheme licensed and regulated by the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA).A PIF is a non-retail fund which is not subject to investment restrictions and is not regulated to the same degree as other collective investment schemes, and accordingly may only be promoted to specified categories of investors. Bringing all the pieces together.

FS025: Protected Cell Companies in Malta

The Companies Act (Cell Companies Carrying on Business of Insurance) Regulations (PCC Regulations) provide that insurance companies (including captives and reinsurers), insurance brokers and insurance managers licensed by the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA) may be either constituted or converted into a cell company provided it has sought and obtained written approval of the MFSA.
The key benefit of the PCC model is that a promoter may write insurance business through a cell without having to comply with the own funds requirements by effectively utilising the cell company’s core capital as its own. Making the complex simple.

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