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Adapting to new reporting requirements


IFRS 9 will create wider challenges for organisations beyond the direct, quantifiable impact on impairment and P&L, with indirect but material impacts on a wide range of factors contributing to shareholder value. Our IFRS 9 paper gives an overview of these impacts, along with our view of the industry and the implementation timeline.

IFRS 9 requires a robust level of inter-organisational cooperation, in particular across high impact areas such as Risk, Finance and accounting. The nine IFRS 9 operationalising changes are consolidated into six workstreams, acting as the key in ensuring a cohesive understanding of the dependencies across the business in order to develop a balanced approach.

We have market leading experience of Finance Transformation within the banking industry. In particular, we have helped major UK, German, and Dutch banking institutions at various levels in relation to implementation of IFRS 9. We provide an integrated solution encompassing processes, people, and accounting covering the key elements of a IFRS 9 implementation, and we also have Finance, Accounting and Regulatory expertise that can provide insight into your operations and the future regulatory changes.

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