Islamic Finance

Islamic Finance

Deloitte’s Islamic Finance team advises both Islamic and conventional financial institutions seeking to leverage our Islamic Finance expertise. An internationally renowned Sharia’a Scholar works alongside Deloitte Audit, Consulting, Financial Advisory Services, and Tax specialists.


The global Takaful insurance market

This report looks at the emerging regulatory and practice challenges that will impact the Takaful industry. It seeks to assess the business structures and strategies, market development and growth trends globally.


Empowering risk intelligence in Islamic Finance

This report focuses on the governance/ structural aspects of an effective risk management framework in Islamic Finance (IF), and presents an analysis of case studies developed, new insights in risk management to empower risk intelligence in IF and suggests ways to manage risk in troubled times.


Islamic Financial Institutions Services

We deliver audit services, specialist tax advice and meet bespoke consulting requirements for IFIs


Islamic Finance Services

Learn how we provide practical and relevant insights for both Islamic operators and conventional financial institutions with Islamic operations.


Islamic Product Development

Provides a one-stop solution for product development requirements, from design through to implementation

Dimitrios Goranitis

Banking Advisory

Stephen Paris

Financial Services Industry Leader



Islamic Financial Advisory Services

We deliver Corporate Finance services with appreciation for Sharia’a requirements.


Islamic Fund Advisory

Islamic investment funds seek to earn returns from investment activity whilst operating under Sharia’a principles.