Malta International Training Centre (MITC)

Your path to excellence

MITC is dedicated to the provision of continuous education and training to the professional services industry. It offers its services to a range of participants including those interested in pursuing a career in insurance and financial services, those requiring an operating licence or those interested in studying for professional qualifications.

The courses and seminars are also available to those who would like to keep abreast with the increasing availability of knowledge as well as others who wish to comply with their CPD requirements. Our webinars have been established to help business executives stay on top of market trends and best practices. We provide a platform for interactive, practical and value-based learning on current and hot topics that will help propel success and accelerate business growth.
From aspiring executives to seasoned non-executive board directors, our mission is to support your continued success. We offer a comprehensive selection of webinars and programmes designed to compliment and develop your leadership journey.

Our courses and seminars are also offered online so you can access learning from any location. Each webinar is designed to address key topics and challenges within the changing business landscape.

Enrolling on a seminar or course with MITC will help you:

  • Earn continuing professional development (CPD) credits;
  • Hone your professional knowledge and skills;
  • Be informed on local and global developments that affect your area of business;
  • Exchange information and experiences with other key business leaders in your sector;
  • Network with other key business players on the market and expand your business; and
  • Stay up-to-date on new and innovative managerial practices.

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