Data Risk

Adopt an intelligent data strategy to optimize the digital journey

To remain competitive and continue relevance in this evolving environment, organizations must be forward-thinking and strategic in their effort to manage their data assets and safeguard ongoing business value. Rather than treating data as an inert by-product of doing business or reacting to regulatory pressures on an ad hoc basis, organizations must appropriately handle data as a critical corporate asset of the future operating environment and commit to preserving and enhancing its value. Deloitte’s Data Risk services advises clients in the growth and deployment of digital capabilities to protect and govern data, generate business insights, and enhance decision-making through optimizing data discovery, acquisition, use, and discernment.

We offer:

  • Data Organizational Model, Compliance and Ethics– We assist organizations in developing risk-intelligent strategies for data confidentiality, integrity, and availability into every aspect of planning and execution of information management roadmaps. Further, we help executives in designing secure, vigilant, and resilient information architecture that meets the enterprise needs, including data-centric organizational structures, operating models, enterprise policies, standards, and practices that focus on emerging areas such as open source software, data lakes, blockchain, robotics, and artificial intelligence/cognitive.
  • Data Life cycle, Management and Controls– We help organizations enhance and operationalize data governance and policies through technology and process transformation of data collection, usage, analytics, and application to decisions. Data assets are safeguarded to meet compliance and ethical obligations throughout their life cycle – from discovery and creation through distribution and disposal – while mitigating inefficiencies, inconsistencies, and vulnerabilities across the data supply chain.
  • Analytics Tools and Methods– We support organizations with continuous assessment of data risk exposures and monitoring of key risk indicators using advanced analytics and automated surveillance over behavioral and machine-generated signals.
  • Data Classification and Architecture– We transform information managerial approaches, operations, and routines to help address proper data classification and ownership and enhance interoperability and optimal processing.