Malta Budget 2016


General overview

Malta Budget 2016

In his introduction to the 2016 Budget Speech, the Minister of Finance reviewed the Government’s performance during the current legislature. The Minister of Finance expressed satisfaction that the measures introduced by the Government in its previous budgets, which were based on the principles of maintaining stability and of making work pay, have set Malta on a sound economic footing.

In the Budget for 2016, the Government laid out the following key priorities:

  1. Continuing to strengthen government finances;
  2. Reducing the fiscal burden in order to improve the standard of living;
  3. Attracting (particularly) foreign investment;
  4. Continuing to strengthen social services including healthcare;
  5. The environment - maintaining a balance between economic development and environmental priorities;
  6. Regional development with particular focus on the regions of Gozo and the south of Malta;
  7. Continuing to invest in the country’s infrastructure; and
  8. Improving efficiency in the way the Government operates by eliminating bureaucracy.
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