Finance for growth

Take on challenges, exploit opportunities

What do companies expect from the global economic recovery?

A growing global economy, access to credit facilitated by surplus liquidity and a dynamic financial market looking for outstanding companies in which to invest: these are all potential opportunities to be exploited by companies wishing to harness external resources to finance growth and aggregation projects. Advisors can offer many answers, but they must always be accompanied by an integrated approach that facilitates dialogue with financial operators, access to borrowed capital and appropriate assessment of alternative options for raising new capital, such as pooling with strategic and financial partners, or a greater openness to financial markets. This must all be achieved through efficient measurement of cash flow and revenue performance using reliable financial information.

Deloitte is the ideal partner to provide assistance in identifying value added solutions through various services:

  • Strategic analysis of the company’s positioning in a complex competitive environment.
  • Analysing and defining new strategies and processes to enhance company value.
  • General review of the balance sheet and financial situation.
  • Reviewing financial statements and sustainability report.
  • Supporting analysis and interpretation of accounting principles.
  • Supporting the search for industrial and financial partners.
  • As a financial advisor, assisting in raising funds.
Finance for growth: Take on challenges, exploit opportunities
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