Innovation for corporate support

The competitive revolution

What do companies need to manage socio-economic transformations and the advent of new technologies?

It is not easy for companies to find their way in a business environment in constant rapid change: now more than ever, companies must be highly adaptable. Socio-economic transformations and the advent of disruptive technologies are just some of the factors that affect new and old markets, leading new players and products to emerge, not to mention the lowering of barriers to entry and the loss of positions of dominance. The ability to respond effectively to the changing environment is an essential trait whose innovative nature is an enabling factor for companies wanting to remain competitive.

Today, business is a matter of agility, innovation, digitalisation. All our management principles are being challenged. In this context, companies must challenge themselves through actions designed to promote a corporate culture that encourages employees to be innovative and develops the ability to carefully choose investments in product or process, with tools applied to intercept and seize the drivers of change at the right moment.

Deloitte is the ideal partner for assistance with innovation processes through:

  • Mapping current levels of innovation.
  • Defining effective strategies and implementing bespoke solutions to support the digital transformation process.
  • Selection and development of innovative ideas.
  • Acceleration and support to start-ups.
  • Evaluating start-ups.
  • Assisting companies considering new business scenarios.
  • Supporting the optimisation of available hardware and software resources.
  • Assisting businesses in the prevention and management of digital threats.
  • Identifying and optimising loans, tax incentives and non re-payable grants.
  • Supporting the search for industrial and financial partners.
Innovation for corporate support: The competitive revolution
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