Risks and opportunities

Reducing uncertainty and improving performance

What do companies need to tackle risk in the competitive environment in which they operate?

Business operations are characterised by the presence of “risks” from internal and external factors that can affect the creation of value and profitability, as well as the quality of products and services. The identification, analysis and effective management of risks are vital to a company’s success.

Internal organisational models and, in particular, corporate governance and control bodies are determining factors for company success.

Deloitte provide assistance in identifying areas of risk and value added solutions through various services:

  • Planning the organisational structure.
  • Supporting the growth and training of company management.
  • Identification and assessment of sustainability and corporate responsibility risks.
  • Analysing risks linked to existing financing sources.
  • Risk impact assessment on objectives and the main economic and financial variables of a company’s strategic plan.
  • Assisting the prevention and management of risks from cyber attack.
  • Assessing the effectiveness of the internal control system with regards to risks from illegal conduct.
  • Verifying recurring tax obligations.
  • Reviewing current human capital development and management practices.
  • Assisting the analysis and use of big data and the company’s internal data
  • Supporting the implementation of accounting procedures.
Risks and opportunities: Reducing uncertainty and improving performance
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