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June 2021: Australia Global Reward Update

Change to Deferred Income Tax Point for Employee Share Schemes.

Global Reward Update - Australia

June 2021: Canada Revenue Agency Update – Taxation of RSUs

Further to our GRU published in May 2021 this supplemental document sets out some additional information with regards to the new guidance issued by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). At this stage we appreciate there are still questions outstanding and we will provide additional information once further guidance/ comments are issued by the CRA.

Global Reward Update - Canada

June 2021: Ireland New Employer Share Scheme Reporting

Historically the relevant section of legislation included a requirement for all share awards to be reported by 31 March unless the particulars were reportable under any other provision of legislation. Where share awards were reported via payroll, employers typically relied on this as satisfying their reporting requirements.

Global Reward Update - Ireland

Archive alerts

May 2021: Canada Global Reward Update

Canada Revenue Agency Update – Taxation of RSUs.

March 2021: Canada Global Reward Update

Canadian Federal Economic Update – Employee Stock Options.

March 2021: Ireland Global Reward Update

Ireland Employer Share Scheme Reporting.

March 2021: Finland Global Reward Update

The Finnish Parliament has recently approved a new employee share issue regime. This applies to shares issued directly to employees of non-listed companies located in the EEA. The aim of the new regime is to attract, engage and retain talent through share ownership, particularly in start-up and growth companies. The new rules also seek to clarify ambiguities that arise under existing legislation in relation to company valuation and determining the fair market value of the shares. The new rules came into force on 1 January 2021.

January 2021: Luxembourg Global Reward Update

The three key changes that impact employee reward

October 2020: UK Global Reward Update

HMRC’s Tax Advantaged Share Schemes (“TASS”) research

January 2020: Canada Global Reward Update

Canada delayed implementation of proposal to introduce an annual cap on beneficial stock options treatment

January 2020: Greece Global Rewards Update

Greece tax favorable treatment for shares acquired under stock option plans

October 2019: United Kingdom Global Rewards Update

UK annual share plan returns Reporting of awards that are net settled

June 2019: Belgium Global Rewards Update

Belgium Supreme Court ruling on Social Security

May 2019: China Global Rewards Update

Guidance issued on taxation of income from stock incentive plans

April 2019: Saudi Arabia Global Rewards Update

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia ("KSA") – Legislative simplification for employee share plans

April 2019: Canada Global Rewards Update

Canadian budget proposal to introduce a CA$200,000 annual cap on beneficial treatment of employee stock options for large companies.

March 2019: Singapore, Ukraine and Denmark Global Rewards Update

  • Recent regulatory updates in Singapore, Ukraine and Denmark have resolved some outstanding issues affecting the operation of share plans in these jurisdictions. 
  • From 1 April 2019, companies in Singapore may no longer need to seek Ministry of Manpower approval before making payroll deductions for purchased shares. 
  • Replacement of the license system with new exchange control rules in Ukraine should make it easier for companies to operate share plans in Ukraine. 
  • Changes to employment law in Denmark should make it easier for companies to enforce their good/bad leaver provisions.

November 2018: Belgium Global Rewards Update

Belgium - Draft legislation to require taxable stock compensation income reporting and withholding for foreign company plan benefits. Social security authorities also target foreign company plan benefits

November 2018: New Zealand Global Rewards Update

Changes to the Taxation of Employee Share Schemes

August 2018: Belgium Global Rewards Update

Tax reporting and withholding in Belgium - Update

May 2018: New Zealand Global Rewards Update

Employee Share Scheme Reporting

September 2017: South Africa Global Rewards Update

South Africa – New tax directive application form introduced for employee share plans

September 2017: South Africa Global Rewards Update

South Africa – New tax directive application form introduced for employee share plans

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