Next-generation family businesses: Exploring business ecosystems

A 2018 global study by the Deloitte Family Business Centre

Family-owned businesses around the world face a growing challenge: how to thrive in today's fluid business ecosystems while still preserving their identity as a business and their cohesion as a family.

Report topic: Family business and business ecosystems

Driven largely by digital technology and greater connectivity, new ways of creating value are being developed in all areas of business, in the form of networks, collaboration and interdependence – which we define as a business ecosystem. The opportunities for innovation from business ecosystems exceed those available to individual organisations operating independently, and are transforming the business landscape.

For many family-owned companies, business relationships used to be limited to a handful of players within the same industry—and often also within the same geographical region. While this model may have proved successful in the past, today’s dynamic business environment calls it into question. 

To examine this trend, the Deloitte Family Business Centre polled current and future family business leaders in 52 countries.

Download the report to read analysis that discusses the key insights international respondents in relation to the following global findings:

  • Ecosystems offer opportunities for growth and innovation.
  • Third-party interactions have increased, with innovation a key goal, but acquisitions remain the preferential formula.
  • Leaders value asset and intellectual property ownership, which may drive a preference for acquisitions
  • Leaders may need to educate their families about the potential for digital transformation
Next Generation Family Business Report 2018
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