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SAP® Solutions + Cloud + Deloitte

Reimagine Everything … Anywhere

A complete set of services and technology solutions to help your business grow and evolve with cloud

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Cloud has become central to how businesses operate today. For many organizations, the cloud journey will rely heavily on SAP solutions—such as the SAP S/4HANA® digital core ERP, SAP® Ariba® procurement solutions, the SAP C/4HANA® customer experience cloud suite, and SAP® SuccessFactors® human capital cloud offerings.

Architecture agility also will be critical … so you can be truly responsive. The ultimate vision? To use cloud and SAP solutions to become a more Kinetic Enterprise, one that can respond to constant disruption and evolve as needed—leveraging a clean core, intelligent capabilities, an inclusive technology ecosystem.

Get things right, and you can take your business anywhere you can imagine. Deloitte can help you understand the possibilities, chart a clear course, and move forward decisively—traveling side by side with you on your journey to achieve your possible.

Everything needed for a cloud journey

A lot of decisions lie ahead, but you don’t have to go it alone. Deloitte’s Reimagine Everything … Anywhere offering provides organizations of all sizes a complete set of services and technology solutions for running your business securely and confidently in the cloud.

Reimagine Everything … Anywhere is centered on SAP solutions and the broader enterprise ecosystem, encompassing a full suite of offerings that can take you anywhere you want to go—anywhere you need to go—with cloud. Reimagine Everything … Anywhere includes:

  • SAP solutions for transforming core business processes, HR, customer experience, procurement, and more—delivered by an SAP global partner certified across the SAP portfolio, including certifications for hosting operations and SAP HANA (HANA Enterprise Cloud)
  • Deloitte’s award-winning capabilities across the “advise, implement, operate” spectrum—with Deloitte serving as your total cloud guide and collaborator
    • Advise
      • Business Strategy
      • Business case development
      • Industry-specific leading practices
    • Implement
      • Solution implementation
      • Innovation
      • Migration
      • Integration
    • Operate
      • Application management services
  • Deloitte’s extensive offerings, tools, and capabilities for cloud enablement and transformation
    • Cloud Strategy & Economics
    • Cloud Migration and Application Modernization
    • Cloud Native New Application and Product Development
    • Cloud Managed Services
    • Solutions as a Service

A ‘total cloud care’ offering

Reimagine Everything … Anywhere serves as a total package for any organization looking to position itself for the future. With Reimagine Everything … Anywhere, you can shift many of the challenges of enterprise transformation and cloud transformation to Deloitte.

Reimagine Everything … Anywhere is more than a “one and done” offering. It provides flexibility and choices, supported by Deloitte’s rich ecosystem of offerings and third-party solutions—allowing you to select options that align with your current capabilities, your budget, and your business goals, adjusting your choices as your business evolves.

The potential value that lies ahead

  • Any Cloud. Deloitte OpenCloud can deploy and operate any SAP solutions on any cloud.
  • SAP Embrace. Optimize and accelerate the SAP S/4HANA industry-specific ‘market approved journey’ to the hyperscale cloud with support from Deloitte and SAP
  • SAP HEC. Leverage SAP IaaS enhanced by Deloitte to take advantage of this premium SAP offering for SAP S/4HANA Cloud or any HANA-based application
  • Integrate Everything. Pre-defined API management and cloud integration to accelerate the transformation journey
  • Total Value. Enhance your SAP S/4HANA business case with the Deloitte Cloud Total Value Calculator. Migrate and manage both SAP and non-SAP applications to the cloud.

Why Deloitte for your cloud journey?

Cloud can be confusing. And a looming 2025 deadline—signaling the end of mainstream support for the traditional SAP ERP suite—doesn’t necessarily make things any easier.

You have a lot of options—and no shortage of specialists ready to help you address one or two very specific problems. An ability to move fast becomes critical—because everything is moving fast these days. To evolve at the pace of disruption, you likely will need a total strategy and a total team that can help you orchestrate all the technologies and services you will need to take your business to the next level.

As a leading SAP global partner, Deloitte brings a deep understanding of how SAP solutions work, how they work together, and how they can work to make an impact for your business. Here are a few things that set us apart:

  • 30-year relationship with SAP, giving Deloitte a huge head-start for understanding the potential of SAP solutions—whether on premises or in the cloud
  • More than 23,000 business and technology professionals focused on SAP solutions globally, supporting end-to-end enterprise transformation anywhere you operate
  • Multiple certifications in SAP and cloud domains
    • SAP global partner certified for cloud across the SAP portfolio
    • Certified cloud managed services provider for SAP HANA® Enterprise Cloud in hyperscale environments
  • Dozens of SAP Pinnacle Awards—SAP’s top partner award
    • 2019 SAP Pinnacle Award as Digital Partner of the Year
    • SAP Pinnacle Award for SAP S/4HANA for three years in a row
  • Intense focus on innovation and value for clients
    • Deloitte Reimagine Platform, a portfolio of ready-to-deploy solutions that leverage advanced technologies such as AI and IoT
    • 2019 SAP Pinnacle Award for Purpose Driven Partner Application of the Year
  • Recognized cloud leadership for our 2,000-person worldwide cloud specialty team
    • IDC MarketScape Worldwide Industry Cloud Professional Services Vendor Assessment (2019)
    • Gartner Magic Quadrant for Public Cloud Infrastructure Managed and Professional Services Worldwide (2019)
  • Extensive industry-specific experience, bringing industry leading practices to projects on Day One—helping accelerate the transformation journey
  • A highly qualified, hands-on team that can work side by side with yours to deploy and operate solutions anywhere you need them.


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