Deloitte Tax Bundle

2016 edition

Maltese tax law has never been more accessible. Deloitte has once again renewed its commitment to provide a practical and useful tool which allows professionals, academics and students alike to have the law at their fingertips. No more frustrating searches, no more keeping track of the law – the Deloitte Tax Bundle brings it all together in a user-friendly and practical desk companion.

Deloitte Tax Bundle 2016

The Deloitte Tax Bundle 2016, published by Deloitte Malta, is an abridged selection of Maltese tax laws compiled and published by Deloitte with the permission of the Ministry for Justice, Culture and Local Government. It contains a compilation of current legislation relating to income tax, VAT, duty on documents, relevant tax guidelines and selected EU directives.

Deloitte Tax Bundle Plus (2016 edition)

Over the last few years, Deloitte’s Tax Bundle has brought added value to those referencing Malta’s tax laws. As part of Deloitte’s commitment and contribution to Malta’s tax environment, we bring you the Deloitte Tax Bundle Plus. This new edition provides professionals, academics and students with a handy and user-friendly desk companion which brings together Malta’s tax treaties as well as relevant EU and international instruments. Together with the Deloitte Tax Bundle, the Deloitte Tax Bundle Plus provides a comprehensive collection of tax legislation relevant to Malta.

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