Building bridges

In today’s connected world, we must build bridges with others and for others to be successful

On 16 May 2014, DTTL Global CEO Barry Salzberg delivered the commencement address to graduates of the George Washington University School of Business in Washington, D.C.

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Executive summary

During his address Salzberg talked about keeping in mind where you’ve come from, and remembering the bridges that brought you to where you are today. In his speech, he recounted his own upbringing in a family where neither of his parents had gone to college, and where his own high school guidance counselor was not particularly supportive of his applying to attend university. Fortunately, Barry instead chose to take the advice of his wife-to-be, Evelyn, and attended law school, and from there went on to join Deloitte’s Tax practice.  

How did Barry manage to beat the odds and now find himself as Global CEO of DTTL? “It was a combination of factors…hard work, long hours, adaptability… The most valuable leaders are those who can bring people together and make big things happen. For decades, success was tied to climbing ladders, today it’s all about building bridges…with others and for others…especially in your community.”

“We’re living in a very collaborative age… It’s this new reality that inspired my own current leadership platform, I call it Connected Leadership. No one can go it alone – whether building your career or building business.”

“Be prepared to really drive those dreams, to roll up your sleeves and put in the hard work needed to make them a reality.”

View the commencement speech on YouTube.

Barry Salzberg Commencement Speech to George Washington University School of Business

Photos of Barry Salzberg courtesy of Grad Images.

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