State of the Media Democracy

Una visión multi-generacional de las tendencias de consumo en TMT

Deloitte's State of the Media Democracy survey takes an in-depth, multi-generational look at how consumer preferences vary and are evolving within the changing landscape of device ownership, subscription services, advertising platforms, social networking adoption, and emerging payment models.

A note from the authors

Propelled by the explosion of tablet and smartphone ownership, the ranks of digital omnivores — those who own a laptop, smartphone, and tablet — have swelled. The growing popularity of digital devices is changing media consumption habits.

The report has global influence with nine participating countries including Australia, France, Japan, Germany, Italy, Norway, South Korea, Spain, the U.S., and U.K. Focusing on four generations and five distinct age groups, the survey provides a "reality check" on how consumers between the ages of 14 and 75 are interacting with media, entertainment, advertising, and information.

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