Deloitte’s commitment to community and sports

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Deloitte’s commitment to community and sports

The 28th Southeast Asian Games provides an opportunity for millions of dreams to come true. As the Official Professional Services Partner of the Games, Deloitte stands ready to help deliver these dreams.

Our commitment to Singapore

With over 47 years of history in Singapore, Deloitte is honoured to have been part of Singapore’s proudest moments. Now, having helped deliver the Singapore Youth Olympic Games in 2010, we stand ready again to help deliver the SEA Games in Singapore.

But we are more than just the Official Professional Services Partner for the Games; we are also a proud supporter of Team Singapore – employing many national team athletes, being members of Sport Singapore’s Business Network and having a seat on the Business Advisory Panel. Deloitte is committed to Singapore and committed to deliver the dreams of a nation. 

Our commitment to our communities

Sports plays a key role in our communities – providing a focal point for national pride, but also giving opportunities to the young and old, able-bodied and disabled, regardless of age, race or religion.

Deloitte Singapore is proud to partner with a number of community causes, contributing time, expertise and financial support to help bring to life the dreams of the less privileged in society. We bond with the children of NorthLight School and the elderly of Tung Ling Community Services, as well as providing financial assistance to help some of Team Singapore’s most successful paraathletes achieve their dreams. 

Our commitment to athletes

Every athlete dreams of competing at the highest level and winning a championship. After years of hard work, sacrifice and commitment, they may get only one chance to make their dream come true.

Deloitte is committed to playing our part in delivering the best SEA Games ever so that every athlete has a chance to live their dream. Deloitte has a special reason to cheer for Team Singapore at the 2015 Games as we support our own Deloitte athletes wearing national colours in sports like netball, floorball, fencing and badminton.

By helping them balance their sporting and work careers, Deloitte plays a role in helping them reach their goals. 

Our commitment to our people

Over 200 Deloitte volunteers will officially be part of the 28th SEA Games, but many more will have a role to play in making the event the spectacle it promises to be.

Whether volunteering with our other community partners or cheering on our colleagues from the stands, everyone has a role to play. Our people are ready: are you?

Come join over 2,000 Deloitte people in Singapore as we cheer the inspiring athletes of Team Singapore and all our SEA neighbours and celebrate the extraordinary at the SEA Games.

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