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Audit & Assurance by industry


Deloitte's Consumer group comprises of a team of professionals who are set to deliver high-quality audit services with a team of professionals using a global methodology and the latest high-quality auditing tools to clients in Malaysia across the entire value chain, which includes Consumer Products, Retail, Wholesale & Distribution, Transportation, Hospitality & Services, as well as Industrial Products & Construction Sectors.

Energy, Resources & Industrials

Deloitte’s Energy, Resources & Industrials industry specialists offer clients deep industry knowledge to help them gauge a better understanding of the various aspects of the industry. The group consists of a team of professionals who strive to provide high-quality audit services using a global methodology and the latest high-quality auditing tools for all segments of the Oil, Gas & Chemicals and Power & Utilities sectors.

Financial Services

Deloitte’s Financial Services industry specialists offer high-quality audit services to the banking & capital markets, insurance and investment management sectors. The wide range of services and industry knowledge provided by the industry group allows us to better understand each client’s unique business and perform our audits efficiently and effectively.

Government & Public Services

Deloitte's Government & Public Services industry group put their efforts and commitment into improving and developing public outcomes through a focus on people. At Deloitte, we think about the complex issues facing the public sector and present the best solutions to resolve these issues, as well as to deliver timely, high-quality audit services for our clients.

Life Sciences & Health Care

Deloitte's Life Sciences & Health Care industry group’s aim is to ensure that confidence, value and transparency are strengthened in the industry through high-quality audits. Our team of experts also strive to provide clients with professional advice and insights on the challenges and weaknesses that impact today’s industry.

Technology, Media & Telecommunications

Deloitte’s Technology, Media & Telecommunications industry group brings together a pool of professionals who have years of experience in the industry to offer analytics-driven audit services to clients in the Technology, Media & Telecommunications sector which, in turn, helps to enhance trust and confidence in the capital markets and facilitate economic growth.

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