Digital Finance series: A cloud ERP strategy for a post-pandemic world

Co-hosted by Oracle NetSuite

7 October 2021, Thursday | 3:00pm – 4:30pm

Learn how Oracle NetSuite would be the cloud-based solution of choice!

As the COVID-19 global crisis continues and the world begins its journey to recovery, what will “normal” look like? How are we adapting to the changes?

When COVID-19 first reared it’s ugly head, a global work from home (WFH) revolution occurred, in just a few short weeks! Supply chains were reconfigured, and business models were re-invented overnight. Our whole sense of what is normal, what is possible, and where the world is headed has been turned upside down.

One thing is certain: businesses will need to find ways to adapt and optimise how they do business to keep up with the changing requirements of customers, partners, suppliers, and employees.

What is the way moving forward?

New solutions tied to the cloud and mobile are allowing middle market businesses to boost back-office productivity, reach new customers, and maintain or build their culture.

Cloud-based solution – the solution needed for you to "migrate".


Join our webinar on Thursday, 7 October 2021, to learn how Oracle NetSuite would be the cloud-based solution of choice that could benefit your organisation in a post-pandemic world and solidify your organisation’s business model!

Five design pillars of NetSuite

1. The rigid code block has passed its time (Simple)

Long account strings are too rigid to respond to changing business needs and reporting requirements. The pandemic has forced organisations to relook at their priorities and immediately react to the change in a timely manner in order to stay updated and relevant with the needs of their workforce.

2. Relevant and real-time data required (Speed)

Waiting for long running postings, batch processes, and summarisation procedures means that business has moved on by the time the information is available. The day-to-day operations of a business are now able to be handled on premise, remotely, or at the comfort of one’s home, given its mobility access.

3. Collaboration at the core (Synergy)

Modern enterprises require a revolutionary approach to communication that includes cloud, mobile, social, and analytical strategy. There is a greater need to stay mobile to ensure minimal hiccups faced by the employees in their decision making and connectivity to ensure productivity with their work from home experience.

4. Expand global, act local (Scale)

Heavy upgrades and unexpected disruptions have you falling behind while businesses move ahead. Our cloud technology helps you keep pace with the needs of a global business and with growth in mind – taxes, statutory reporting, and languages.

5. Controls mean constant vigilance (Secure)

In today’s regulatory environment, compliance happens at all levels and requires constant monitoring. Our solution is built with the foundation of data security in mind that allows you to confidently access from anywhere.


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We look forward to seeing you at our Digital Finance Event Series.

Speaker from Deloitte

Farrukh Khan is responsible for helping clients in their finance function’s digital transformation journey. He has been with Deloitte for 24 years. He was a former partner in Deloitte Central Europe, heading the Energy & Resource industry as well as serving as lead partner for a number of clients in the energy & resources as well technology, healthcare, manufacturing, environment, hospitality, and public sector.

Speaker from Oracle NetSuite

Kenny Hong has more than 20 years of experience in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Business Applications. He leads a team of NetSuite Solution Consultants across Asia and delivers solution advisory to organisations in adopting leading practices using NetSuite cloud platform.


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