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Humans of Deloitte

Come and meet our SEA Board member and Executive Director of Deloitte Consulting, Angeline Leong as she shares with us her pursuits at work and beyond. 

Angeline Leong
Deloitte SEA Board Member and Deloitte Consulting Thailand Executive Director


Alone time is just as important as spending time with friends and family. I make a conscious effort to balance my alone time for reflection as much as socialising with my friends and family. The personal reflection time helps me see what I could do better and allows me to appreciate what others around me have done to support me. Spending time with my friends and family is an uplifting experience, and it helps to take away the stress I face at work.

Outside of work, I enjoy pursuing different sports. I used to do a lot of scuba diving, which I enjoyed very much. Scuba diving requires me to plan, evaluate safety measures and weigh my risks. I am glad I get to practice these skills while doing something I enjoy.

Now I do a lot more hiking and road biking. This sport puts my endurance to test - physically and mentally. I see a lot of parallels at work - pushing the limits of my role and responsibilities to deliver my best at all times.

My role at Deloitte has allowed me to work with people from many diverse backgrounds and cultures. I learn more about how to handle different behaviour, and it helps me engage with all levels of talent we have at Deloitte. Most importantly, respect is a key component for engagement in all people relationships.  

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