Life at Deloitte

My Deloitte Story

Kylie Lee sees a bright future ahead in corporate finance with the exposure and experience she is gaining with Deloitte.

As an associate, Corporate Finance Advisory in Deloitte, Kylie Lee Kai Wei’s daily tasks range from preparing marketing documents like pitches, information memorandum and management presentations to building various types of financial/valuation models.

What makes this job exciting?

The steep learning curve on the job and theopportunity to be exposed to a wide variety of tasks within the job scope motivate me. Because of Deloitte Southeast Asia (SEA)’s Financial Advisory Services (FAS) strong emphasis on the “As One” working culture, we get to work with colleagues from other countries on the same project. I especially appreciate such opportunities that allow me to expand my network and exposure.

Please share a career highlight.

I had the opportunity to be seconded to the Deloitte Singapore office for three months out of my six-month internship. It was the first time for Deloitte Malaysia to offer a special cross-border internship arrangement in their Southeast Asia office. During my attachment with the Singapore Transaction Services team, I was again, fortunate to be given the opportunity to assist in engagements in Jakarta and East Malaysia.

What are your future prospects?

I believe experience in corporate finance is a valuable skill in today’s job market. Mergers and acquisitions activities are getting more and more common in developing markets like Malaysia, and the expertise to handle the process can help open many other doors for practitioners like me, both in the professional services line or in the corporate sector.

Also, the nature of the job allows us to develop expertise in the client’s industries where we serve as their financial advisors. We are expected to have a reasonable understanding of how their businesses work in order for us to gain their trust. Hence, many of our colleagues have developed themselves to become experts in specific industries, and this gives us extra credit to explore careers in other industries in the future.

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